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Kiteboarding Knowledge Refresh Course

€200 - Duration 4 hours

This course is perfect for refreshing your kiteboarding skills after a long time of repose.


This course perfectly covers safety, control, and best practices according to IKO regulations. 

You will refresh the following:

  • How to assess the kiteboarding spot, the environment, and the activity around you

  • The equipment and how to set up in a correct and safe way

  • The safety systems of the kite

  • How to travel with the kite on land

  • How to fly a kite and how to control it

  • Launching and landing the kite

  • Navigation right of way

  • Riding upwind

  • Equipment packing

You will need to bring your gear for this course.


1 Student

4 Hours

1 to 1 class


taxes included

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