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Kiteboarding Couples Trip

€500 for 2 persons

Traveling and learning a new sport together is the best way to bring value to your relationship. In addition, having a common hobby will bring you closer to each other.

It is time to discover the beauty of kiteboarding together with your partner and explore Cabo de la Vela.


What you receive:

  • Kiteboarding Discovery Course for two students

  • Two nights of accommodation in a private room

  • Breakfast included

  • Riohacha to Cabo de la Vela Transfer informations

  • Customer service assistance

  • Safety information

Equipment supplied by the school:

  • Kite

  • Kiteboarding control bar

  • Harness

  • Protection gear 

Pretty smiling Caucasian woman and man kitesurfer walking on the beach with their kite.jpg

Want Kiteboarding Trip?

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