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Kiteboarding lessons in Cabo de la Vela

Our Story

A story about love, passion for kiteboarding, and children education nurtured in Cabo de la Vela

About Us

Kiteboarding in Cabo de la Vela

Our project Kiteboarding Cabo has the mission to nurture kiteboarding tourism from Cabo de la Vela and to develop a sustainable way of supporting the local community through education and sharing resources.


It all started with my passion for kiteboarding. It developed very fast into a need to grow the future of Cabo de la Vela community by building the first self-learn school for children inspired by Sugata Mitra's project, "The Hole in the Wall Project and the Power of Self-Organized Learning."

Kiteboarding Cabo provides the needed funds to keep the children's self-learn school sustainable and open.

Cabo de la Vela school

Our location

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