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Kiteboarding in Cabo de la Vela

in Cabo de la Vela

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Why is Cabo de la Vela the top kiteboarding spot 

More than 300 days of constant wind from December to September and the warm water lagoon make Cabo de la Vela the perfect spot for kiteboarding worldwide.

It is a must-see destination if you love wild and remote living away from the city.


The environment is very safe and appreciated for its mystical Wayúu culture. Surrounded by astonishing landscapes and is characterized by Caribbean sunsets, night skies full of stars, and revitalizing energy of the sacred land.


Life in Cabo de la Vela is effortless, and the cost of living there is one of the most economical in the world. Furthermore, if you are a digital nomad, you can work using the 4G connection from the Claro provider. 

Wind speed: 20/30 knots

Recommended kites size: 6m, 8m, and 10m

Tide: no difference between low tide and high tide

Water: 27°C average

Environment: 30°C average 

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Kiteboarding Cabo de la Vela

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Kiteboarding in Cabo de la Vela



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Kiteboarding in Cabo de la Vela

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What People Say About Us 

I traveled around the world to find the perfect spot for kiteboarding. Cabo de la Vela is the best for me because it has wind daily and a warm water lagoon.

Gabriel Muscalu

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